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What is it?

Polenta is a staple food of Northern Italy. It is a coarsely ground yellow maize (mielie meal) with a mild and pleasant taste.

Polenta is not Paleo and is not suitable for LCHF lifestyles as it is high in carbs at 76g of carbs per 100g of polenta.

Our Polenta is certified non-GMO

What can I do with it ?

It can be eaten warm with a very large variety of dishes including stews, grilled meats, fish or grilled vegetables.

When refrigerated polenta will acquire a stiff dough-like texture. It can then be cut into squares and baked or grilled into a delicious toast-like texture. Even more delicious when topped with cheese and tomato and then grilled.

How do I prepare it?

Polenta is easy to prepare on the stove or in the microwave.

Cook or microwave each cup of polenta with at least 2 cups of water and a pinch of salt. The water should be boiled and then added to the polenta while stirring continuously to prevent lumps forming. Once you have a smooth mixture cover with a lid and microwave on high for around 4 minutes, stir and then microwave for another 3 to 4 minutes. If in doubt as to whether it is cooked, do not microwave but leave in the microwave oven to simmer.

If you want the cooked polenta to be softer, add more water, however we suggest no more than 3 cups of water per cup of polenta. Adding more water will result in a runny porridge.

How do I store it ?

Keep in an airtight container away from moisture. In the freezer it will keep for many months.

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