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Natural Cleaning~Soap Nuts

Natural Cleaning~Soap Nuts

Natural Cleaning with Soap Nuts - Naturally Organic 100% Pure Soap - Nature's Miracle Gift

How we do our laundry, clean our homes and bathe ourselves has changed more in the last 70 years than it has in the previous 7,000 years. None of these changes have been kind to your skin, or good for your health.

Nature invented the perfect soap long before us humans came around and imitated it with harmful chemical concoctions. Natural in every sense of the word, SOAP NUTS grow in the wild and will clean the most sensitive skin, delicate fabrics and everything else without contaminating or harming the environment. Their active ingredient is called "saponins" Guess where the word "soap" comes from !

Soap nuts, also known as Reetha are the dried, de-seeded shells of the fruit of the soapberry tree (Sapindus Mukorossi) and have been used for 1000’s of years, long before modern day chemical soaps were invented.  

The soapy water from your shower or bath, laundry or dishes will not harm your plants or lawn when you use soap nuts and also needs no "grey water" treatment before use. You could actually drink it without any harmful effects, in fact it has been used in medicine for thousands of years !

The chemical based laundry detergents, household cleaners, soaps, and shampoos that you use every day contain numerous known carcinogens, neurotoxins and envirotoxins. These chemicals are known to cause acne, allergies, cancer (melanomas), eczema, psoriasis, premature aging of your skin, rashes, and neurodegenerative disorders in children.

You can use soap nuts in four forms:

The whole nut/shell, which is good for laundry.
Liquid which is handiest for most soap nut uses.
Paste, which is basically running the boiled soap nuts through a food processor. This is good for shaving cream and heavy-duty cleaning jobs.
Powder, for laundry or dishwasher detergent. You can buy in powder form, or make yourself by grinding the shells VERY finely (in a coffee or spice grinder – the good news is, it cleans out really easily)

The tree grows wild in places like India, Indonesia, Nepal & Bali. The shells have high concentrations of saponin or soap, making them work the same way as any detergent. This 100% natural product effectively replaces chemical soaps, detergents and washing powders and represents an inexpensive and ecologically sound alternative. The soap nut is a total win-win solution, there is no downside to it.

They can be used on all kinds of fabrics including delicates like silk. Skin conditions will typically not be aggravated by soap nuts and many eczema, psoriasis and acne sufferers report improved skin after use. After use, soap nuts can be added to your compost heap. Washing with soapnuts does not pollute the water the way chemical detergents do.

The sale of soap nuts brings income to the native people involved in the harvest. They have been used for many purposes including removing tarnish from jewellery, cleaning contaminated soil, and treating all sorts of ailments from migraines to epilepsy. The nuts are increasingly popular in Europe and the US, and Nature Soap is the first to bring this natural wonder direct from the Indian growers to environmentally aware Africans.



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