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Most modern dread diseases & syndromes, responsible for the majority of the ever more common, serious health challenges, have their roots in your choice of lifestyle. So does the epidemic of fatigue, which today is the single most common complaint, followed by aches & pains, a general lack of a sense of wellbeing and zest for life.

Your body is a fantastic machine, capable of near miraculous feats, but it can only perform at it's best, live long, strong and healthy, if fed the food it was designed around. Feed your body anything else or neglect physical activity and you will damage it. Keep doing it for long enough & the damage will be potentially irreversible, eventually possibly even deadly.

The word lifestyle encompasses what we put in our mouths, what we do with our bodies and what we do with our brains and mind as these are all interrelated and therefore all impact on our whole being. Addressing any one of these in isolation may lead to some improvement but will never deliver the optimum condition your body yearns for.

The ravages of heart disease, cancer, diabetes, obesity, allergies and many more are all directly linked to what you eat. The human body evolved in a nutritional environment without most of what we eat today. Is there anything in a Twinky that resembles something found in nature? Just because you can put it in your mouth and eat it does not necessarily mean that it is actually food.

Whilst you may survive eating many of these modern "foods", you will never thrive.

HealthFood Warehouse consists mostly of foods and ingredients which resemble their natural form as closely as possible, giving you healthy, fun & tasty sustenance. These are the foods your body was designed to digest, to deliver health and vitality, as has been the case since the days of our caveman ancestors. Simple isn't it. Most truths are.

Almond Flour 1Kg

Almond Flour 1Kg @ R298 per Kg You can save even more: Buy 2x1Kg @ ONLY R280 per Kg ..


Almond Flour 2x1Kg

Almond Flour 2x1Kg @ ONLY R288 per Kg   You can save even more: Click here for your BAR..


Almond Flour 5x1Kg

Almond Flour BARGAIN BUNDLE of 5x1Kg @ ONLY R276 per Kg   Our NUT FLOURS are freshly ground fr..


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