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At HealthFood Warehouse our mission is to make tasty, healthier eating affordable for everyone.

Our prices on many products are significantly lower than what you have been seeing in the health shops and supermarkets and even online.

Lower prices do not mean lower quality !

When you see a product advertised at a much lower price than you expect, it is just human to wonder about the quality and credibility of the product. Most of us cannot help but wonder what corners were cut or bad practices applied to deliver a less expensive product. At HealthFood Warehouse nothing could be further from the truth.

The cost of trying to make healthier food choices drove our family to start HealthFood Warehouse. We simply could not afford the prices of many of the healthier foods so we did some digging to find out why prices are so high.

We simply cut out all of the costs that get added between the producer or primary importer and the consumer - you. Our products take the shortest possible path from grower to you. All the middlemen and their profits have been cut out. All the fancy marketing and advertising has been cut out. Our packaging is practical (you will love it) and user friendly, not fancy and expensive. We do not have fancy retail premises on which to pay a small fortune in rent. We buy in large quantities for the best possible prices. Add all of this together and you will understand why we can offer you savings of as much as 50% on the exact same products you see in the shops.

We wanted for ourselves, and now offer you, the very best quality products at the very best prices.

We only offer you food we would be happy to eat, at prices we would be happy to pay.

Welcome to our World !

Cashew Whole Nuts Premium Quality Raw 1Kg

Cashew Whole Nuts Premium Quality Raw 1Kg @ R380 per Kg   You can save even more: C..


Cashew Whole Nuts Premium Quality Raw 2x1Kg

Cashew Whole Nuts Premium Quality Raw 2x1Kg @ ONLY R370 per Kg   You can save even more: ..


Cashew Whole Nuts Premium Quality Raw 5x1Kg

Cashew Whole Nuts Premium Quality Raw BARGAIN BUNDLE of 5Kg @ ONLY R360 per Kg     Fres..


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