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HealthFood Warehouse welcomes all aspiring and established entrepreneurs, big and small, who are looking for opportunities, whether to grow an existing business, or just getting started on the road to financial independence and freedom.

Our business model, as well as our motto, Best Products @ Best Prices, is an incredibly powerful tool with which to build a new business or to add to your existing enterprise.

We can help you build a consistent income stream, whether you work from home or markets or a shop or anywhere else.

It is incredibly satisfying and rewarding to be able to offer people products that are good for their health, at prices they can afford. Most people make poor food choices because they assume that healthier foods are too expensive. You can bring them the good news that good food does not have to break the bank and you can benefit from doing so!

You can get started with very little, or virtually no money at all. We encourage our resellers or retailers not to over-invest in stock. Equally important is that we will assist and advise you at any time to ensure you have the highest likelihood of success. We only succeed when you succeed!

Email us at or use our contact form to get in touch. Please make the subject of your email:

Reseller:  if you do not have a shop or formal business. You can sell from home, on the road, at markets, it does not matter.

Retailer:   if you have a shop or formal business.

Do not delay, contact us today!

To protect you we will only be selecting a limited number of resellers and retailers to participate to prevent over-saturation of the market.

Thank you for your interest. Join us today on the journey to success!

Almond Flour 1Kg

Almond Flour 1Kg @ R298 per Kg You can save even more: Buy 2x1Kg @ ONLY R280 per Kg ..


Almond Flour 2x1Kg

Almond Flour 2x1Kg @ ONLY R288 per Kg   You can save even more: Click here for your BAR..


Almond Flour 5x1Kg

Almond Flour BARGAIN BUNDLE of 5x1Kg @ ONLY R276 per Kg   Our NUT FLOURS are freshly ground fr..


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