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About Us

About us - Who are we?

HealthFood Warehouse is a family owned and operated business which was born out of our family's frustrations with not being able to afford to make healthier food choices. Many moons of researching and digging brought us to the point where we realised that we could indeed eat better to feel better and live better, and do so for a lot less! Here we share the benefits with everyone, we believe the sun is intended to shine on all of us.

Our mission is to make tasty, healthier food choices affordable without ever compromising on the quality of the products we offer you. Lower prices do not have to mean lower quality. We would rather not stock a product at all, or be out of stock, if we cannot find products that meet our standards.

Our standard is moral and ethical, we will only offer you what we would be happy to eat, at prices we would be happy to pay.

Our suppliers are the same companies that supply the branded products you see for sale in the health shops and big name supermarkets we can't name like the big W and the big P wink, however our prices

Healthy living is dismissed by many as too expensive and unfortunately, it very often is. We do everything possible to change that for the better.

We only sell what we would eat, at prices we would be happy to pay! 

We only sell online, we do not have a shop. Your orders are collected by some of the best courier companies in the country and delivered to your door anywhere in South Africa. We never use the Post Office, for obvious reasons.

Our office is located in Firlands just outside Somerset West in the scenic Helderberg basin.

It's at the foot of the mountains and within sight of the sea. Near paradise !


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